a game of intense hiding

EXPOSURE will be released on Steam for Windows & Mac. Other platforms will be announced soon!

Press kit

EXPOSURE is a game of intense hiding. Survive in an evolving environment by morphing between light & dark forms to camouflage from your predators.

But be careful: you won’t be able to see yourself either.

Adapt to seeing without looking.

Featuring intuitive controls & unusual gameplay, psychedelic abstract minimalist art & atmospheric soundscapes, and a pace that alternates between zoned-out and ultra-focused. Take a different path through seamlessly branching levels each time you play.

Inspired by natural selection of the peppered moth (Biston betularia).

Move (keyboard or controller)

Morph between light and dark form

Hide in the continuously evolving environment

"It looks like a Mondrian Möbius strip collapsing in on itself, taking Bridget Riley optical illusions and military dazzle camo kicking and screaming with it ... It’s a mix of chill bullet-hell intensity diced with fight-or-flight stealth. It’s intuitive, but weird."

- David Wolinsky, Kill Screen